Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update: 2 Weddings, 2 Weekends

So this inaugural Weekend Update post is actually going to highlight 2 weekends and 2 weddings. 

Last weekend, I watched a friend and former roommate marry her best friend. Taylor, Rachel (see her wedding highlights - Life Update) and I had many conversations about weddings. Now both of my former roommates are old married women. We talked about Taylor and Pete numerous times. Taylor and I weren't that close until I needed a roommate and she need a place to live...and fate brought us together. But prior to our housing situation and friendship I had seen Taylor and Pete together and there wasn't a doubt in my mind they weren't for each other. Then through the time Taylor and I lived together I got to watch them get engaged and now married. How fun is that. There wedding could not be more beautiful. It was so them! I wish them the very best. 

This past weekend I spend a little time at my parents. I enjoyed seeing a dear friend from high school marry a lovely lady whom he obviously adores. I wish Reese and Madison the best. Although, it reminded me how fast time flies..didn't we just graduate high school?

Another big reason for going home is to celebrate my Dad on Father's Day. For around 7 years now my church has held a Father/Son Look-a-like contest. Here are our two twinkies: Don't they look JUST alike! 

Guess who else ended up dressing like twins. I wish I could say this is the first time this has ever happened. I also wish this picture wasn't blurry. Thanks Mom ;) 

And the craziest, funniest, "I cannot believe this happened moment" happened on our way back last night. I always make Jonathan drive. He is a better driver and he has a lot of making up to do since I drove him around for 2 whole years until he turned 16. So we are chatting {or most like I am talking and he is pretending to listen} and he yells. We are OUT OF GAS! I look up at the handy dandy fuel range - it says 9 miles. I knew we needed to get gas. I even mentioned it on my way out the door to my mom. We head out of Altus {If you are familiar with the area, we made past Headrick almost to the Red River which is farther than 9 miles from Altus.} We're in trouble. Let me set the scene for you. The car temperature reads 114 degrees. We can only drive 9 miles. I have only had this car a little over a year..I've never had it this low before. I'm not sure just how accurate that fuel range thing is. I am so glad Jonathan is driving because my first thought was drive into Headrick. {If you aren't familiar with Altus, you will know there's not much there} Driving to Headrick would have been a bad idea. So we head back to town HOPING and praying to make it back to the gas station on the edge of town. Our sweet parents did not have much sympathy. We turned off the radio and A/C and sweated it back to town. Luckily, my level headed brother made a wonderful decision and just as we pulled into the gas station and got to the pump we ran out of gas...PRAISE THE LORD. Seriously, I sweated and prayed all the way to that pump and truly believe He knew we wouldn't have made it in the heat..we are both babies. {Which by the way, if you haven't been to hell..err I mean don't understand just HOW hot it is there!! 118 at 7:00..I'm not kidding..I saw people working in their yards at 10:00pm because it was finally cool enough! } Anyways, I cannot believe that happened or that I'm sharing it with people. It's pretty embarrassing but I know its just another memory I get to share with my little brother. We've had a few over the last 21 years! 

That's been the first weekend update. Stay Classy, blog world. 

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