Monday, April 11, 2011

Life Update

It has been awhile since I blogged. Have I been doing interesting things? Well, of course, but finding a time to sit down and blog about them has been difficult. After spending all day on the computer at work sometimes I just didn't want to get on here and write awhile. Gosh, I honestly haven't had a lot of time either. I have spent the last few weeks running around like crazy! So having time to upload pictures, edit them, and talk about them was on the last of my to-do list. And yes, maybe watching tv/relaxing was ahead of blogging but hey sometimes you just need a little R&R..but anyways...

I'm BACK! Let me update you on where I have been! These could all probably be there own posts but I am gonna cram a ton into one instead!

I went to dinner club where I got to boondoggle. {boon -dogg-le(n):work of little or no value done merely to keep or look busy.} If you want to drive yourself nuts - then this is the craft for you. I love crafting but this was more like cruel and unusual punishment! My dear friend Rachel agreed with me --but we don't agree on other things -- BOOMER!! 

One weekend: My beautiful cousin Melissa is expecting a baby girl this summer and I had a chance to met up with her and our friend Katie. Katie and I actually met at Melissa's wedding and hit it off. We did a little shopping for "Baby Girl" and then a little shopping for us. Katie even found her a man at one of the boutiques! 

Another weekend: My college roommate {which is weird to say, sometimes I forget I'm not in college anymore} is getting is married! I road tripped down to Dallas with my brother for her bridal shower! It was great to see her, her mother, and her friend Kristen.  Best wishes Rachel and Casey! Love you guys! 

And the weekend after that: A trip home always reminds me my sister is spoiled. {but then I am then reminded--so was I} 

And then the next weekend: Rachel got married. We spend a fun weekend in Dallas living it up. It's always great to get out of Shawnee {except as you can tell, I haven't been in Shawnee a lot lately} 

And present day: Well, now that I am actually home I am catching up on sleep, laundry, projects, laundry, did I mention laundry? 

I do have some ideas for some outdoor projects that I will be working on in the next couple of days. Stay tuned! 

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