Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY Name Banner

What's a better way to celebrate a new baby then a baby shower! Over the last 9 months, Mom and Dad have thought long and hard about the name for their precious bundle of joy, so why not celebrate that too! I really enjoyed making this cute name banner for little Ace! With just a little scrapbook paper and twine you have a cute decoration for the shower and for the nursery! 

Step One:  Pick out your scrapbook paper!
I chose to stick with the theme of the shower and used sports-inspired paper, which just happens to match the little one's future room! You can make the banner any size you want. I choose to do Ace's first and middle names. Also, you can use whatever sized paper you want. {Since the name was going to be so long, I decided to cut my paper down a bit and make the individual letters smaller!}

Step Two: I found coordinating paper and jazzed up my paper a bit!

I am not the best at taking pictures of each step. There are actually a few things missing here. Oops! I cut out white paper and then also cut out letters to spell A-C-E-K-A-R-T-E-R. Then glued and all that stuff! You will also see I added more paper than the picture above to my letters
Step Three: Thread the letters!
I found some twine {at Wal-Mart for around 2 bucks} and then punched holes in each paper. I think it turned out nicely. So easy and so cute! Definetly added something to the shower! 

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