Sunday, May 15, 2011

Outdoor Beautification

Made a few improvements to the back patio this afternoon. I am now stuck inside with terrible allergies. Dang you outdoors. I really enjoy being with you but afterwards is terrible! 
Still have to find some patio furniture! If you missed the before - The Great Outdoors. Enjoy the updates:

My first attempt at being a "green thumb"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She Bang

When it comes to my hair - I get impatient. If my hair messes up and doesn't style the way I like - I cut it. It's my way of saying "off with your head"...... to my head!?

Today I decided to get crazy. Considering I enjoy being a home body and going to bed early...crazy in my dictionary is pretty tame! So, to spice things up a bit - I decided to get bangs!! I feel like a middle schooler taking a web cam picture but what else is a gal to do? Judge me. 

Also, judge me because I am a proud PC user {and I have an Android not an iPhone. That's right, stinking it to the man - Steve Jobs in particular} BUT my wonderful PC doesn't take the best web cam pictures! It is a little grainy! 

I got this "wild hare" in college as well - I thought I would be so trendy if I got bangs. It turned out to be the WORST hair cut I have ever had. I wore them down ONCE and happened to get a picture of it. Thanks Facebook! {But aren't you glad you get to see this embarrassing photo?}

I was so worried about getting crazy with my hair today. So glad I really like/trust my hairdresser. She listened to my concerns and I think it turned out fabulous. But we will have to see how I feel in the morning when I have to fix it myself! AHH.