Monday, June 18, 2012

Letter to Dad

So this picture is of me or my brother. Not sure,
 but check out those glasses! 
For the past few years, my dad has started to write letters to us for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, special occasions we call them “Letters from Dad.” Getting letters from dad has become one of my favorite gifts. The time and consideration that go into these “love letters” mean so much more than a gift card or new clothes (notice I didn’t say new shoes here!) and they will last longer. Even after my dad is gone, I will still have these letters that he has written me over time. These letters from dad have encouraged letters to dad and letters from other relatives. I love this thing that is now becoming a Baker family tradition. This is my letter to dad. (written shortly after my dad underwent open heart surgery)

Dear Dad, 
        I think everyone thinks their dad is the best dad. Just like every dad thinks their kid is the smartest, prettiest, most talented, etc. That’s just how it is. But I honestly believe I have the very best daddy. I have known my entire life that you are a remarkable man. You are so strong and you work so hard to provide for us. I didn’t understand when I was in college the sacrifices you made for my higher education. I understand that now. I see you working 50-60 hours a week to provide for us. You didn’t have to make that sacrifice. So many parents don’t. Good work ethic is something you always taught Jonathan and I and I feel like it’s evident that we learned by example. Last week, my eyes were opened to the fact that life on earth is short and that your days with us could have been numbered. I became aware that if God wanted you in heaven he could have easily taken you, but He didn’t because your work here is not done. Yes, with Joshua and Jordyn that work is obvious. But the work I’m talking about is greater than that. Watching you in the hospital was extraordinary. You had just had bypass surgery. You could have been grumpy and mean and no one would have thought twice about it. You had major surgery, you had an excuse. But even in ICU, you were witnessing to the nurses who were taking care of you. More than once I heard you talk about church and faith with your nurses. You are an outstanding man, dad. You have inspired me and honestly this entire experience was such an eye-opening experience as to how blessed our family is. Blessed by wonderful friends, blessed by wonderful family, but most of all we are blessed because you have lead us as a Godly dad. 

The happiest day of his life - no more OBU college tuition!

I love you and I’m so thankful you’re my dad.