Wednesday, June 15, 2011

it's about to get crazy!

I am going to try run on a little schedule around here. You may think I'm crazy that I'm trying to organize my thoughts but trust me you'll be glad. There will be more posts--which means more things for you to read. 

Here is my new blogging schedule:
It will start NEXT Monday and here is what you can look for.

Monday - Weekend Update

Trendy Tuesday - I will write my reviews of movies, make-up, fashion, books, music, politics, religion, hair products, etc. Basically anything I've tried out in the last week-ish.

Where I've been Wednesday - Let's just say you'll walk a mile in my shoes. I don't want to go into too much detail. Some people may think I'm loco and stop following stay tuned.......

Thursday Thoughts - This is my little outlet to do whatever. I mean, that's what a blog is for. So we will just see what happens.

Fat Food Fried Days - I really like alliteration. (except for I couldn't think of anything on Monday-ugh!...I hate that it's an odd ball- so if you have ideas, please share!!) 
On these days I will share a recipe. I mean, you get shoes and cooking..PERFECT right??

Alright. I hope you are all anxiously awaiting for next week. I mean, I know you are.....

Here's a picture to end the post..because posts without pictures are a waste of your time.

Oh hail! If you missed this picture on my Facebook - It hailed at our house last night...I have no idea how we didn't have damage with hail this big. ;)

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