Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trendy Tuesday: Pinterest

If you haven't already stumbled upon this wonderful creation - you are probably have been much more productive than me. If you are addicted to blogs and looking at other people's ideas, homes, crafts, clothes, hair, etc, then you are going to LOVE this.
We've all come across a marvelous idea on the old world wide web and thought - I love that idea, I need to remember that for a future date. I even had a folder on my computer saving all these little tidbits...but that is no longer needed my friends. With this revolutionary technology you can "pin" your ideas, your friend's ideas, and even random strangers. It is so fascinating.

If you are like my roommate - you will be consumed by this little website. I'm starting to think Channing is actually getting paid by them to recruit new people to the site. (Not that they are hurting for visitors - I honestly don't think they expected this volume of fans!)

Basically, Pinterest is a collaboration of many people's thoughts. Once you are on there you can see people from all over and their homes, crafts, recipes. We have already sampled a few recipes at my house that were Pinterest-inspired. I have many crafts on my agenda..that you might just be seeing later. I will try to remember to let you know if I found the idea on Pinterest when I post the craft project. Not to mention, I want to re-decorate my entire house because I'm filled with inspiration. Instead of having little files on my computer I can have boards that I can put my ideas and fine new ones. Get to pinning! 

So much to do, so little money..or is it time?

If you would like an invite to start pinning..please let me know. I've heard its hard to get on there without an invite. I would love to be an enabler! 

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