Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts : A Story Behind the Name

Have you thought.."Why Will Cook for Shoes?"
Even if you haven't, I'm about to answer that question for you. 

Last Christmas, my mom found a small little gift and thought it fit my personality and habits just perfect. It's a running joke around my family and friends that I have a bit of a shoe problem. It started when I was young. High heels are my forte. I've never struggled with wearing them. I actually love wearing them..the higher the better. (A motto some reserve to the regards of their hair!) I refuse to count how many pairs I have. I also would like to blame this problem on my mom. She encouraged it. The worst part, I like good know the expensive ones. Thanks, MOM!

I also do my very best to live up to my last I guess you could say I know my way around a kitchen. Which is pretty evident to all the people at work. They are my little guinea pigs...literally pigs. We are all trying to lose weight thanks to this habit of mine! 

So when she found an apron that says.."Will Cook for Shoes!" she knew I had to have it.

What she thought was a funny present has turned into something inspirational for me..and that I truly thank you for, Mom. 

So, the truth is out. No, I didn't think of such a creative blog name. I wish! 

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