Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update: Baby Showers

See the sweet little brunette above...she having a baby! Melissa was that big sister I never had. She teased me, she fixed my hair, she bossed me around, she basically got the benefits of having a little sister while getting the benefits of being the baby of her family. Many of my childhood memories involve my cousins. We never had a Nintendo or trampoline but luckily our cousins shared! I have been so blessed to have such close cousins. I am even more blessed that I got to see them all and catch up with them this past weekend and also to celebrate the upcoming birth of " Baby Girl"  Jenkins!
All grown up (minus Miss Priss in my arms)...but thankfully we all grew up and learned how to fix our own hair!  Mothers don't always know best, well when it comes to hairstyles!

And Steph, when I said I liked your bangs - I don't mean circa 1991. ;)

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