Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

First off, don't judge me. It is January 14th and my Christmas tree was up until about 20 minutes ago. 

Before you murmur about me in disdain, it's not because I have been to lazy to take it down(maybe just a little), it really had more to do with the fact I just hate how the house looks emptier after all the "Christmas" is gone. I also know that once I start to put up the Christmas stuff and re-arrange/re-organize. I begin to go...a little far.  
Yep, I moved all the furniture out and re-arranged my furniture just to change it back again.
While un-decorating and re-arranging I started to think how different our houses look at Christmas time and also how different people act our Christmas. Just yesterday I overheard a conversation of a lady explaining how December is a great time to hit people up for money because their hearts are right. 

Then - it struck me. How sad is it that Christmas is something that comes for only one month out of the year? I love the decorations and no, I am not saying they should stay up all year long. But why do we only have the "spirit of Christmas" for one month? 
Why is it that we only feel the need to help the homeless and less fortunate during the month of December? And as the lady said--why are our "hearts right" only at Christmas time? To me that just doesn't seem right. Just something to think about it.

So this is my challenge to myself and to you as well - This year let's celebrate Christmas all year long ;) 

But as or my decorations---I will see you after Thanksgiving!

And for my living room - well for now you will do!

I hope you all enjoy the new layout and design. I am still trying to get things figured out with these whole "blogging" thing. Let me know what you think! 
Well, I should probably get to sleep. I have big plans for tomorrow and I just might be planning to share some of them with you! Until then -

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