Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Year Plans

5 years ago I remember thinking "Wow, this is the year I graduate high school!" Of course at that time I thought that was the greatest achievement a person could ever have. I also thought I knew everything about everything. College proved that theory wrong. 5 years ago I wasn't thinking about the future. My big plans were prom, pageants, show choir competitions and what'd I wear to school the next day!    

Had someone asked me in January 2006, "What is your 5-year plan?" I'm sure I would have thought I would have struck it big in the pageant world and become the next Miss America. Realistically, I also would have answered that I would be in pharmacy school. I know I for sure wouldn't have answered that I would be living in Shawnee still. That was definitely not in my "5-year plan." I also wouldn't have said that I would have graduated with a business degree. The biggest surprise over the last 5 years would be the little firecracker of a sister that I was blessed with. Talk about something I wouldn't have guessed in 2006. Isn't life funny? 

I have since graduated from college. Realizing there is much more to life than high school and in fact there is a great big world that needs to be explored. (I know, I haven't gotten very far.) Since college graduation I've been asked "Jennifer, what is your 5-year plan?"Often I want to answer, Gosh I don't know. Decisions aren't easy for me! It took me 20 minutes just to decide on which socks to wear!" I never have a good answer to that question. So I'm facing that question now. This year, the first year into my next "5 year plan" is to not dwell on tomorrow but focus on today. Living each day to the fullest and working on "having faith" that God knows each step before I take them and trusting Him with my future. Because despite how good of a planner you are (which I think I am) you can't out plan God. Looking back on my last 5 years I truly realize that. My plans were so different but I would not have it any other way. So here's to the next 5 years, I mean here's to TODAY.

A look over the last 5 years -

 This picture is kinda blurry - but keep scrolling down and you'll see why I decided to keep it on here!

 You can't see this very well but I loved intramural sports and got hit in the face with softball. This is the only picture that is still around to reflect that awesome shiner.