Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nifty Thrifty!

I love getting up on a Saturday morning to go "junk-storing." If you haven't gotten lost in a junkstore before, you are missing out something wonderful. Of course, if you are more into buying things brand new - I guess you aren't missing much. I LOVE the idea of taking something that someone else thought was worn out and "junky" and turning into something better and "new" again. 

This past Saturday I went and visited Green's which is located on Main Street of Shawnee. Talk about a place you can literally get lost in. If you haven't visited this place (even if you don't like junk stores) then you are in for a treat! You have to look high and low to find things. There are things everywhere and the building goes on forever. It is like Mary Poppins purse!

I have found wonderful things at this junk store. I found our coffee table there for just $20 bucks and there wasn't a scratch on it. I also found some marvelous shutters that are now hanging on my dining room wall and always receive compliments--for just $2. 
I get so excited about finding a bargain - in any store. But a store like Green's will never leave my wallet disappointed! Here are my finds from this past Saturday.

These are the before pictures. I have to take Christmas stuff down before I start projects for the after. But don't worry - there will definitely be pictures of the post-project items!


I have an idea for the 3 picture frames above but the mirror I couldn't NOT get - I don't have a purpose for it yet but I'm sure I will eventually find something. 

Isn't it beautiful!! 

While I was on "before" items I thought I would add to other items that are special to me!
While home for Christmas I had fun going through my Meme's old things with my aunts and cousins. I am sure they thought I was a nut for wanting these things but in my crazy head I saw something wonderful out of old items that otherwise would have ended up in a Salvation Army donation box.

So here are some my Meme's things I hope to re-purpose and jazz up a bit:

Stay Tuned for what I have planned for these little items :) 

I also took some funny pictures while at Green's I hope you enjoy them too!
Green's has these crazy mannequins throughout. You will be walking around and think its a person but --well it's not! 

Channing has the "world" in her hands ;) 


  1. That Channing girl has large hands.

  2. Oh my those are large hands, her fingers cover all of Africa.

  3. How come I never get these invites to visit Greens??