Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where I've Been Wednesday: Book Reviews

My dad has always said that I waste books. He may be correct, but I think he is just jealous that I'm a speed reader. I don't intend to read books in a matter of just happens. In a matter of a few days though, laundry multiplies like bunnies, blogs don't get written {oops!} and sleep becomes less of a priority. So for now I'm on a book fast. It's for my own good. So here goes - my book reviews. You will see why I have to "Just say NO to reading" for awhile now.

So to keep in the theme of my weird blog schedule -- where have I been in the last two weeks?---Oh, in a good book .....or seven. 
I'm going to write this in SEVERAL posts - I think it will be easier in the long run. 

So if you are looking for a summer read or a summer reading list - here goes. I highly recommend any of them. Each of them very different so there's something for everyone!
Enjoy. Let me know if you read them - I'd love to hear your opinions! 

P.S. Come back Friday -- I've got a recipe to die hint: it has to do with OREOS! ;) 

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