Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Update: Catch Up

Well, I obviously missed a few posts. I have the book reviews written but I forgot to post them and I already have things to write about today so I will finish up the other book reviews later this week. Another post that didn't get posted was the yummy Oreo recipe. So I'll just hold off on that one until this Friday. 

But let's catch up with my weekend. I LOVE local businesses. Why, of course, I do...I work for one and spend all my time promoting one! I didn't intend to have a "downtown" day on Saturday but I stopped by two local eateries this past weekend and BOTH were wonderful. I am still stuffed from both. (Don't judge me by the amount of calories I inhaled this weekend!) 

My first stop was fairly new little spot in downtown Shawnee. If you haven't visited sips downtown kafe on main street..where have you been the last 6 months. This place is THE PLACE. They have a wonderful coffee selection. (to be honest, I'm not the world's greatest coffee connoisseur but I do enjoy some sugared-up, creamy coffee drink, you know the kind that really has no coffee in it!) They also have a GREAT lunch menu, I'm talking delicious paninis with yummy local veggies. I am making myself hungry just thinking about it! Although, I have frequented sips other times I have never tried their waffles. I honestly have no idea why. They were sooooooooooooooo amazing. 
Photo courtesy of Amanda Teape!
I shouldn't have eaten lunch on Saturday after such a big breakfast but I did...I stopped by another Shawnee local business. It has been open for a couple of months - Brickhouse Pizza. I had the pepperoni calzone. The waitress told us that this calzone would probably feed two people but me and Rachel decided to get our own. It was HUGE. I think 4 people could have eaten it. It made a nice meal the next day! 
So go support your local businesses. Go visit these two places and I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. 

Oh another note: You may have noticed I can find my way around a kitchen...well one thing I am going to confess to right now is that I couldn't make a grilled cheese without burning it. Not long ago I even had to text message my brother to ask how to make a grilled cheese...but guess what I did this week---PERFECTION.

I'm sure you all are starving now. I apologize!

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