Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update: Week-long Catch up!

I hadn't really intended on making a week-long hiatus. But, oh well, it happens. I actually met myself coming and going last that means--there's lots to share. 

Falls Creek. 
Oh, there are few places that are comparable to Falls Creek.  Falls Creek has been such a special place to me and my family for many years. Each of my summers growing up involved camp. My mom and I joked last week saying I was pretty close to a professional camper as a child. I attended Falls Creek with my dad years before I was technically supposed to be there. (Preacher's Kid Perks!) Falls Creek wasn't the only camp I attended, there was Super Summer and Southwest Baptist Assembly (oddly enough the smallest - but probably my favorite camp!) I would have happily been at camp every week of the summer. Which thanks to my networking skills as a young sap, I knew plenty of churches I could tag along with to Falls Creek. So enough back story, I was thrilled that my youth minister didn't mind me hanging out with them for 2 days. It is exactly what this former professional camper needed. There's just something about sweating to death and camp showers. (eek!)  But MRBC'ers - be warned - I plan on being there all week next year!

I got to spend 4th of July with some of my favorite people. My family. They are the craziest bunch of people, but hey, they are mine. Little Sister even declared the weekend as "Sister's Day" (The last time I was home it was Father's Day, she thought we needed a day to be honored as well.)  We are also probably some of the lamest people. We didn't really do a lot but after being at Falls Creek for just 2 days - I was exhausted and enjoyed the down time just relaxing with the crazy people I love. We didn't pop fireworks. 1. Because it is dryer than dry in southwest Oklahoma. The place is about to self-combust. You think I'm kidding..but it sprinkled that Saturday and my sister had no clue what rain was - because she hasn't seen it in her lifetime. (I kid, but seriously it is so HOT and DRY!)  2. We never pop fireworks. We are probably some of the cheapest people ever. We get it from my parents and honestly, none of us kids even care to waste money on fireworks! But I don't mind watching city displays! (Not that it's bad if you do, but we would rather do other things with that money!) 

In between all this traveling around I've been engrossed in a book series..but more on that another day. 

This last weekend I was at my bed, my couch, my kitchen, my yard. It was just splendid. The first time that has happened since Memorial Day. I plan on having some more lazy Saturday's in the coming weekends. This weekend we grilled out with friends. I hung out by the pool. I also made a slip n' slide and played Sardines (reverse hide-in-seek) and had a near broken bone experience. Pretty much a perfect weekend in my opinion!

I think that brings us to today. A full week back at work..this will not be easy. Yikes!

Oh and sorry for the whole - no pictures thing. I don't think I took a single picture in the last couple weeks. I stink, I know. My bad. 

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  1. I know! I am super behind on your blog but can't sleep and reading them all!
    What the heck is sardines? I know you said reverse hide and seek but I am still confused!