Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wanted: One Shovel

After being trapped in the house for two days you would think I would have TONS of stories to blog about..well I do, but at the moment they aren't funny enough to share but I am sure as days past they will become funnier.
What the snow storm left me with - a huge snow drift trap!
I do not like to depend on other people - at all. But sometimes you must just accept defeat. That is EXACTLY how I felt Tuesday afternoon when looking at 4 foot snow drift trapping my car in the garage. I decided our road was passable but our driveway was obviously going to be an issue. I began frantically trying to find a ride to work Tuesday evening. I had no luck.
Yes, that is a dust pan. Trying to be resourceful. 
As I went to bed last night I came up with a great idea - use one of Channing's empty totes to scoop up the snow and move it out of the way..and that is exactly what I did this morning at around 7am. 

I have never been one to really just accept defeat so I don't think it surprised my mom when I called and told her my plan. I wanted to get out of my house and to work. So I found a way..I spend about an hour moving snow around and I'm pretty sure my neighbors watched for entertainment. I can only imagine that I looked like a crazy mess while doing this! I finally get to the end of the drive when I realize there's a huge problem! There is drift at the end of the driveway from all the accumulated snow from the road.

Just as I begin to get discouraged a van stops in front of my house and out comes a fellow Kiwanian with a shovel in hand. I know he didn't recognize me because I was covered up except for my eyes! With his help I was able to finish the driveway and well a picture speaks a thousand words - 
An EMPTY garage! Oh how the little things can be exciting!
So proud of my little Toyota! It made me so proud today!

I did it! But the moral of this story is - a  shovel is a necessity around the house! I made it to work --where more fun and crazy adventures began. Check back later for those ....

For now - I'm exhausted. Moving snow is hard work.

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