Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I LOVE spending time volunteering. I wish I could find someone who would pay my bills so that I could just spend my time helping other people! 

I spent yesterday at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma helping package up items for backpacks that will then be given to children in Pottawatomie County that are chronically hungry. {a program called Food for Kids} I wish I took more pictures. I feel like if I am going to be a successful bloggers I need to take more pictures. I mean, I had good intentions to take pictures - but I got to OKC and realized my camera was on my desk. {oops!} Yesterday I volunteered at the food bank as a part of my Leadership Shawnee class. We are "officially" finished but we were wrapping up our project with this week of volunteering. I really expected mundane assembly line work at the food bank. I was so wrong! I arrived and found out I was the ONLY person from Shawnee. I'm glad walking into a room full of strangers isn't really a problem for me! I ended up working with another young girl and we hit it off instantly. She is in school to be a doctor. She was such a fun girl and we had a lot in common. The whole experience was just great. Who doesn't love spending a few hours doing something for someone else. The volunteer leader during our shift was great. He works as a karaoke DJ on the weekends and was a great entertainer. We listened to fun music and he told corny jokes that the older volunteers LOVED! It was obvious that he loved what he did for a living! 

My other volunteer adventure right now is a project in the works. I cannot really go into detail but it's a project that has been placed on my heart and a dear friend's heart and I cannot wait to see how God will use our desires to reach the city of Shawnee. 

I really do wish that I could just wake up each morning and help at places like the Shawnee Rescue Mission or the food bank. Too bad money pays the bills.

I am sure this was a completely boring post. Especially since there are NO pictures whatsoever! I apologize but this is just a little sliver of what is going through my brain right now {that and a bizillion things about the pharmacy, but you definitely don't want to get me started there!} 
P.S. The spacing on here is really weird. I cannot figure it out. When I post it spaces everything out but it doesn't look like that in the edit screen? 

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  1. I volunteered not too long ago at the food bank. (btw, you were real close to where I work!) It was so much fun, I want to do it again! I will do it again!! :)