Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Brother!

My brother Josh has been the subject of many stories over the last 10 (almost 11 years)! I think I could probably write a book just on the things he has done. Not that I don't encourage his crazy behavior. This particular story took place awhile ago but I'm just now getting a chance to share it on here.
It was December 23, 2010 I was heading into one last meeting before I headed home for Christmas. After my meeting, I called home to let them know I would shortly be headed their way...but when I called mom she didn't answer so I called my brother Jonathan was who screaming and I can hear Josh crying and Mom screaming. Since I have two younger siblings, who both have proved to be a wee bit accident-proned - I was super concerned. Jonathan calms down to tell me that Josh has broken the mirror in our main bathroom. I then receive a picture text. Not only had Josh broken the mirror, he broke it using a plunger.
My mom's version of the story is that he was chasing Jordyn Kate {littlest sister} around with the plunger. {Boys are gross, girls would NEVER play with plungers!} She told Josh to go and put the plunger back in the bathroom where it belongs! In his defense, he took the plunger to the bathroom but his little boy mind started wondering "What it would sound like when I pull the plunger off the mirror" {actually we have yet to figure out what he was thinking, but this is one possible explanation} We found out that Josh is the only person in our city to ever break a mirror by using a plunger! Unfortunately, that award doesn't come with a trophy. 

Despite the MAYHEM of Josh, he is the most compassionate person I have ever met - and he is 10! As a sister, he makes me so proud! He loves people in a way I didn't even know that 10 year old could! My mom recently called me {almost in tears} to tell me about their recent trip to the dentist. Josh and Mom were sitting in the kid's room when a lady walked in and couldn't find a seat and Josh {without being asked} gets up and offers the stranger his seat. It's times like this, that make up for the broken mirror moments. 

To Josh, I love that you are so witty and entertaining. It is probably a good  thing we are so far apart in age because I know Mom could not have handled both us under the same roof at the same time! You are a little bundle of destruction but yet you love unconditionally and I cannot tell you how amazed I am by your compassion. {something I tend to lack} 
Love, Jefner ;) 

Sorry this was somewhat sappy at the end! I hope you did enjoy the little look into my crazy family. 

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  1. One of my favorite Baker family stories. I'm pretty sure your mom was laughing while crying when that pic was taken. Love ya.