Thursday, February 24, 2011

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD!

If you are close to me, you most likely know I'm a planner. Let me explain:
- I pick out my clothes at night for the next day.
- I normally write out my to-do list in an hour-by-hour detail.
- When I plan a party or meal, I normally set everything out the night before and have it setting out - For example, last week I cooked for PCDC and this was what my house looked like the night before. 
Everything carefully placed out for the next day!
      I do need to make a disclaimer - I can have spontaneous fun. Normally I try to plan my spontaneous fun but that's beside the point. 
     Even my blog has a little bit of "planning" to it...except for today. I have been so obsessed with plans lately that this has been consuming my mind so I scraped the planned blog and decided to share about this. {Shocking, I know!} My very intelligent mother reminded me sometimes my plans need to take a step down and I need to just live and TRUST. 
     On Sunday, Pastor Todd spoke about waiting on God {check out his blog over the subject} and I know that trusting in God has been something I have been struggling with. {for some odd reason, I think I can do it myself}.
     Because I have this tendency to plan - I want to know where I will be next month, next year, in 5 years! I feel like in the last 23 years in my life it was so much easier. It was high school than college, freshman year then sophomore year, and marketing test than accounting test. But now I feel like I have a blank canvas and that terrifies me. I feel this pressure to plan my next 5-10 years  and paint that canvas. Who doesn't dream of family and success? But I know that all of the dreams and plans I have for my life ARE nothing compared to what God has prepared for me. 
     I have to constantly remind myself that God is in control. Jennifer, the obsessive control freak, has to take a step down and let God take the wheel. {que Carrie Underwood} So yes, I am admitting to the world that I need to stop trying to control and plan everything so that God can truly use me. I think I focus on planning for the tomorrow so much I miss all of today. I need to learn to be more patient so that I can just enjoy each day to the fullest. 

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  1. What a great reminder! I am the exact same way. I know that God has great plans for my life, but for some reason, I think I have even better plans! It's funny how much simpler my life is when I just trust Him. Thanks for the much needed reminder, :)