Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

I have to admit I am guilty of plagiarism right now. I stole this great idea from my dad. I just think its too great not to share! 

During the month of March - Make A Difference in the life of another person by showing them the love of Christ through a  tangible act of kindness.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Replace burned out light bulbs for neighbors or senior adults.
  • Take your pet to a nursing home.
  • Make sandwiches for people
  • Offer babysitting services
  • Prepare welcome baskets for new neighbors (or just do something nice for your neighbors -- if you are like me take the chance to MEET THEM!) 
  • Rake or blow leaves for a neighbor
  • Mow lawns for the elderly or single mothers
  • Take someone to an appointment that cannot drive
  • Cook a meal for someone in need
  • Have a special meal delivered to someone that had a hard day
  • Adopt a senior adult
  • Offer after-school tutoring for at-risk kids
  • Help someone move
  • Make homemade cookies and take to your neighbors
  • Beautify someone's flower bed or do a front yard makeover
  • Read to someone who can no longer see to read
  • Find ways to serve teachers in your child's school
  • Find a way to serve a school in your neighborhood
  • Serve public servants like firefighters or police officers
  • Do regular maintenance on a single mother's car
  • Serve a military family that has a family member deployed
  • Serve an international student at the local college
  • Help an elderly or handicapped person go shopping
  • Have a garage sale and donate the money to a local charity
  • Clean and repair a local park
  • Serve in an established and ongoing ministry
  • Mentor a person in a skill that you are good at
  • Replace batteries on some alarms for people in your neighborhoods
  • Have a snow shovel ready for a late season snow storm (See: Shovels of Gratitude)
  • Just be creative and let Jesus show you how to bless another person!
I think one of my favorite things to do is to purchase the person's food in line behind you. Another great idea that can really surprise people is to go to Sonic Happy Hour and give your car hop a generous tip!

My dad made up cards for him and his church - they say "I paid for your meal to demonstrate the Love of Jesus!" To discover more about the amazing Love of Jesus. Be my guest this Sunday at Martha Road Baptist church. I think that is so clever! {my dad is a smart guy!} 

So go ahead--- Get MAD! ;)  I'd love to hear about your madness - so please share with me!

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