Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quito: Day 2 of clinics

Today was the second day of clinics. It was our last day this location. We got to the clinic and had quite a few people waiting for us! Apparently the word had gotten out around the neighborhood! Over the course of the last 2 days we saw over 600 patients. We have been extremely busy and I'm exhausted. Today was a full day for me. Yesterday was my first day as a "pharmacist" and then today I was thrown a new challenge - working the pharmacy alone. The lady who has been working in the pharmacy for years and has been helping me this week got sick and had to go back to the guest house. Luckily someone was able to come help me for the remainder of the day! It made the afternoon run much smoother, but I left the clinic feeling so exhausted! On the bright side my spanish is improving wonderfully! I have been able to write most of my labels without help from my translator! She even told me she was impressed!

We have a clinic in a community almost 3 hours from here tomorrow so I'm sure we will all head to bed early.

But first I have to go prepare meds for tomorrow! That's a quick update from today. Also, please pray for Phyllis my pharmacist helper to have a quick recovery!

This little girl asked me my name and then told me she named her new toy cat "Jennifer"

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