Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quito: Day 3 of clinics

Today we head to Olmedo, a small village located at the base of a volcano. Each morning we pray together, share scripture and also get a brief of what to expect that day. Mark started the morning more somber than other mornings telling us that the community we are heading to today is a spiritually dark place and the presence of Satan is evident. Having two team members out sick is already discouraging but I know so many people are praying for us as we enter this village and I know God will do great things through us today.

We knew leaving the house that Satan would try to stop us and that he did. We got halfway to the location when our bus overheated. The bus was smoking on the inside! So we went to the restroom and got a snack and loaded back onto the bus. About 15 minutes down the road we had to stop again and the bus was smoking again! We finally got to our destination and The Lord provided for us. We had no idea how the clinic would work at this location. The church was one room but the pastor had transformed the room into small consultation rooms and the layout worked out wonderfully. The people in that area are Quechua people. They are much more traditional and dress in a lot of clothes they make themselves! They were an interesting people group. Very hard-workers but very healthy people. Most of their complaints are pain associated to years of hard manual labor.

Seeing Satan's many attempts to stop us from getting to the clinic that day we knew God was going to work in mighty ways and He did. This day was probably one of my favorites so far. The view from the clinic was incredible and it's so evident that we were an encouragement to the believers in the church there.
Also, I'm so glad a smile is the same no matter the language.

When our bus broke down!

If you look VERY closely behind those clouds and above the visible mountains there is a snow covered volcano, Cayambe, in the distance. It was cloudy that day and we never got a clear view of  Cayambe but I've seen pictures from team members from last year and it is BEAUTIFUL!

This was the church where the clinic was located. 4/5 consultation rooms were set up inside and right of the building - you'll see a wooden add-on...that was the pharmacy! What you can't see in this picture is the outhouse!

my pharmacy!

She doesn't look it in the photo but she was happy to take a picture with me. 

This woman was 92 years old and her friends/family carried her to our clinic. 

The view was absolutely breathtaking..from every angle. I couldn't get over it! 

This couple was ADORABLE. I was taking picture with a lady next to them (see above photo) and she asked if I would take a picture of them. (So I did) When I showed them the picture they were tickled pink and kept smiling and laughing!

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