Thursday, August 11, 2011

You might be from Oklahoma if......

Your sunglasses have burned your face......

If you have lived in Oklahoma you understand when we say it's been a hot summer we mean scorching temperatures. I've lived in Oklahoma for, well all of my life. I've even been blessed to be from the hottest part of this great state - Southwest Oklahoma. I remember summers being hot, but this summer has been unreal. I understand that most people that read my blog are also from Oklahoma so you understand my pain.

Ironically,  I'm writing this blog on a day when the weather is actually normal.. {in the 90s rather than 130s!} but most of this summer has been pretty rough.

Things I have learned this summer:

- Leather seats CAN be deadly. The man who thought of leather seats and a wood grain steering wheel has obviously not experience 120 degree temperatures! Skirts/shorts are cooler when outside but once you sat down, you are looking at third degree burns on the bootay. I have considered driving with potholders so I can handle my steering wheel. I can imagine the looks I'd get as I'm driving down the road with big potholders, I think it would prevent texting and driving. {I might be onto something here!}
- I've learned why people cannot live on the surface of the sun. Although, I'm thinking we've come as close as humanly possible this summer.
- Why my dad insisted I keep the doors closed as a child..because "we don't a/c the entire neighborhood!" Yes, I've come to find out how much a cool house costs.
- I have also learned that the Oklahoma clay ground can actually shrink up from the excessive heat and burst water pipes and close a town for a day...except pharmacies. We don't close. We're more reliable than the mail! Anyone in Shawnee last week had to learn this lesson the heard way.

And this last thing might just fall into the "You might be a redneck if.." but whatevs. I have found a solution to burning my face each time I put on my sunglasses.
I should probably mention that I'm slightly embarrassed and how dusty my car looks in this picture. I didn't realize it until it's blown up for the world to see. I'll get right on that! 
Yep, that's right. You can laugh, but it works!

and on the bright aren't having to shovel snow each morning just to leave your house!

Kind of low quality phone picture but you get the point! 

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