Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts: Blogging

I read many different blogs and so many of them seem to have super fascinating lives and always have something cool going on in there lives...I have on question for them - how do you have time for all these projects and pictures?????

I keep telling myself I'll take more pictures - then I can't find my camera charger. So alas, dead camera = no pictures = uninteresting blog.

I'd use my roommates camera {because I do that sometimes} but you wouldn't believe this --it's MIA. So if you happen to find a nice camera or a camera charger laying around somewhere - it probably belongs to someone at my house. Give us a call. There's really not a reward - we don't have any money, but we do have a particular set of skills. {No, not skills like that crazy awesome Liam Neeson from Taken} I'm talking more like the crafty, baking, loyal friendship sorts of skills. Not as awesome when fighting for your life but makes for some fun times. So hey... help us find our stuff.
Because I re-decorated my bedroom and I'd LOVE to share that with you...

I'm sure my mom is cracking up at this because we aren't big picture takers. We have outstanding memories but they all reside in our minds so I pray we don't get Alzheimers because we will have no physical images to remind us who people are....

Anyways - that is all I have today. I just wanted Channy to have something to read at work today. ;)

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