Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Josh's Birth: It's Kind of a Funny Story

After blogging about the current camera dilemma at my house, it made me think of a fairly funny story...

Since birth, my youngest brother has been a little bit of surprise child. The whole fact we were having another brother was QUITE a surprise so to offset that shocker we had planned his birth. He was to arrive by planned c-section on Monday morning, April 17, 2000. We had planned one last weekend of fun with just two children. We were going to go stay in Lawton at a hotel and then get up Monday morning and get a little brother. We were going to eat at Cracker Barrel and get to swim at the hotel. It's sad now that is what excited us, but we were from a small town and we were little and enjoyed simple things.....or we're SUPPOSED to that is. Joshua being the little toot that he is decided to come on Friday around 2am or something insane. No one had expected that. We all rushed to the hospital. {For some odd reason, my parents gave me the camera and told me keep up with it. I was 12. I couldn't remember my homework but a camera should be fine right? Hello that's a BIG responsibility.} I'm sure you see where this is going....we get to the hospital which was an hour away from our house and I have to go to the bathroom...this is the last time I remember seeing that camera. I hope someone enjoyed using it that day. Thanks to them my little brother will grow up not having any pictures from his birth. If he didn't look so much like my dad, he might think he was adopted..which I have tried to tell him before. ;)

This baby picture is pretty believable, right? I'm working on a project to create pictures for his childhood memories...I feel like it's the least I can do..I'm kidding but I do love a little Photoshop craziness. {MOM - please show this to Josh. I know he will CRACK up because I am!!}

I'm glad 11 years later we can joke about this. People still won't leave me with the responsibility of  keeping up with the camera...which I guess is appropriate considering my charger is lost - oops.

Which this brother is the same brother here---> Oh Brother!. I think I could have an entire blog about the things my siblings do and say..seriously they're hilarious. Even though they are surprises or as they say - "bonuses"...I wouldn't have it any other way.

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