Monday, September 26, 2011

I've tasted the Apple juice

.....and I like it.

I've never been a hater of Apple products. I honestly could have cared less. I find myself to be practical with my purchases, except for when it comes to shoes. With that, all practicality just flies out the window. I have a Dell computer and I like it. If I replace it, I'll probably replace it with a Mac, but that's only if I win the lottery. I have an Android because I like my cellphone service provider. I am not going to switch just for the iPhone. In Marketing terms, I'm probably what you would call a late-adopter. In normal person terms, I'm the person who still likes nice and new products but I'm going to wait it out and see what others have to say first. Also, if you wait it out a bit-- prices tend to drop. Some might say I'm a cheapskate. "She get it from her mama!"

On with my story....I have wanted a Nook or Kindle since around last Christmas. I have currently being using their free apps on my phone. I love reading on the app. It's so convenient. I have always been a reader. I honestly thought, there's no way I would want to use an e-reader. It's just not the same as a real book. While that is true, it is still a wonderful invention.

For months, I have researched Nook vs Kindle. I have looked at both in person, asked people for references, and, of course, did quite a lot of online research. (So late-adopter of me!) In the back of my mind, I thought what about this iPad thing. My roommate has one. I had played on it numerous times. I finally decided that the iPad would be the better purchase because I can download both Nook and Kindle apps on the iPad. With both apps, I can share books with friend with Kindle and Nook. I can have the best of both e-reader worlds. I even tried winning a free iPad in a texting competition - that should probably be it's on blog.

Fast forward to my birthday. The time finally came - I made the purchase...I was finally getting my iPad. Once I made my purchase...I had to wait a week. SHOOT ME. Patience isn't my thing. But then one Friday morning (just a few days later, actually!) it arrived in the mail! Oh what a glorious day. It really was such an exciting day. I had waited for a long time to make my big purchase. I could have bought the Kindle or Nook months ago. I have a decent job. But I saved up my money and made a good logical decision before I purchased. I had waited a long time for the day it arrived! It was so worth it. It made it more exciting.

Also - I recommend Apple Refurbished products. I have gone this route previously. In high school, I purchased my iPod via Apple Refurbished and I still use it today. They warranty them the same but you can save a lot of money. This is the way I got my iPad. If you have questions - please ask me. My iPad was used but it arrived with no scratches or problems. Apple doesn't send out bad products (Yea, I'm sounding like one of those people!) 

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