Monday, February 13, 2012

How you doin?

Wow, it has been forever since I logged on to this thing. My ol' laptop had been running on the slow side for awhile now. Finally, this weekend it got a little makeover. A little open heart surgery, one might say. Okay, I'm the only "one" who would probably use that analogy - and I just did. It is now running quite a bit faster...which means I'm actually going to start blogging again. Which means my parents and grandparents will have something to read. (Hello to each of you!)

My lack of blogging has not just been due to a slow computer but a mixture of that with no time which leads to no crafts or cooking - which means NOTHING to blog about.

Today after work I decided to clean up my "office space" just a bit. I live in a rent house with two other girls - we don't have a ton of free space. So my "office" is just the other side of my bedroom, but nonetheless I spruced it up just a bit! My mom and I have been working on starting this wonderful food co-op in Shawnee (Bountiful Baskets - I will share more on this whole thing tomorrow) and the need for a work space at home will be pretty important when I have to start flying solo( - after this weekend YIKES)
Excuse the crummy iPhone pictures - but you get the point.
SO before:


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