Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Basket Case: The Savings

Let's take the January 7th conventional basket as an example and see exactly how much we are saving! For this basket, I contributed $15.00. 

Using myfridgefood.com and its wonderful grocery store list builder gives me an estimated price of what the items would cost if I just went to Homeland or Walmart and picked these items up.

Want to take a guess....?

1- Romaine lettuce
1- Spinach
1- bunch Radish
1- Broccoli
2- English Cucumbers
2- Avocados
5- Tomatoes
8- Bananas
1- Bag of black Grapes
6- Clementines (mandarins)
1- 6oz container Blackberries
3- Asian Pears
6- Fuji Apples

TOTAL: $45.00

For all you matheletes out there that's a grand total savings of $30.00*!
I'd like to see a Homeland reward card save you that much. 

I will also add - myfridgefood.com didn't have the option of radishes or clementines (so I priced regular oranges) so really you are saving WAY more than just $30.00!

Interesting in participating?--this is a pretty good selling point if you ask me! 

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